London, May 9 & 10

Theme: Dairy: Annihilation, Capitulation, Modification or Collaboration?

Post Brexit and Covid, and amid growing political aggression, demand has weakened but supply could be among the greatest challenges for dairy in the next five years. Food security is rising on the agenda, but dairy companies face new challenges in the supply chain, and in supporting their farmers in the drive towards mitigating climate change and meeting expectation. Who will be willing to pay extra and how much will they pay for it? Where will supply and prices stand in May? What part will developing countries play? What is dairy doing about carbon? Most of all, how will companies and co-ops survive these pressures?

Speakers included: Dr R.S. Sodhi (President, Indian Dairy Association), Nick Whelan (CEO, Dale Farm, UK), Christophe Lafougère (Managing and Dairy Director, GIRA, France), Matt Gould (Director, Ever.Ag, US), Steve Spencer (Managing Director, Global Insights, Australia), Allan Wilkinson (Head of Agrifoods, HSBC Bank, UK), Erik Elgersma (Strategic Analysis Services, Netherlands), Richard Collins/Grant Hartman (Müller UK), Drew Sloan (Semex Global), Christine Parry (Product Innovation Expert, AB Dairy, UK)

Speaker presentations: